Requesting Donations

Requesting Donations

Requesting Donations from Safari West

Connecting children and creating wildlife advocates is very special to all of us here at Safari West. That being said, we regret to say we have discontinued our donations until further notice to concentrate on our nonprofit wildlife foundation to bring more under-served children to Safari West.

Also, this year we are continuing to support international conservation efforts through monthly financial contributions.  All remaining funds have been designated to provide field-trips for under served youth through our Wildlife Foundation's Discover Africa program. 

However, we are able to extend qualifying nonprofits an option to purchase a gift certificate with a considerable discount. There are some restrictions – subject to availability, Excluding holidays and Saturdays.

Please email for a price list and further information. (Sorry, we receive a daunting amount of requests each week, and are unable to return phone calls.)

For more information about Discover Africa, please click here.

We certainly understand and appreciate these are challenging financial times and wish you all the success in your efforts.