Dining on the Flamingo Terrace

Spice up your Safari with a visit to the Savannah Café

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Snag a Bite!

Come join us daily for a delicious meal (or two) at the Savannah Café. Situated near the Classic Safari boarding area, the Savannah Café offers two lunch services and a dinner service daily. Lunches and dinner are all scheduled to dovetail into the Classic Safari so you can plan to dine before you go out or slake your thirst right after returning from the Sonoma Serengeti. The Savannah menu is a BBQ grilled up right before your eyes on our custom-built outdoor grill. The menu changes daily but you can count on some freshly-grilled protein accompanied by a full complement of sides ranging from our Creamy Mushroom Soup to our Artisan Mac’n’Cheese.

As you bite into a perfectly grilled chicken breast or succulent pulled-pork sandwich, take in the views of graceful giraffes and slender dama gazelles out on the savannah or chuckle at the antics of the helmeted guineafowl chasing one another back and forth across the meadow. Make sure to leave room for dessert and enjoy the comedic grumbling of the flamingos in the distance as you cut a bite of fresh strawberry shortcake.

Now that your belly is full, a nice walk may be in order. Dinner and lunch reservations grant you access to the lower grounds and all the birds, primates and cats found there. Stretch those legs and go say hello to the cheetahs, porcupines and of course our most recent baby celebrity, Gizmo the patas monkey!