Peter and Nancy Lang

The Story


When Peter met Nancy…

Safari West was born in the late 1980s when Peter Lang purchased 400 rolling acres in the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains. Relocating his small but growing collection of exotic wildlife, Peter quickly converted the former cattle ranch into a world-class conservation breeding facility.

As Peter set to work establishing captive breeding programs for the varied and often critically endangered species in his collection he worked closely with local zoological facilities, including, of course, the San Francisco Zoo. It was there that he met the lead curator, raptor-specialist, and his future wife, Nancy Lang. Combining their unique skill-sets, the pair set about turning this vast swath of oak woodland into the world-class wildlife preserve it is today.

Our Mission

The mission of Safari West is to actively promote conservation and environmental education while imparting knowledge that helps each individual make well-informed choices in regard to the environment and wildlife conservation.
At Safari West it’s all about the animals. Always has been, always will be.

From the Sound Stage to the Serengeti

Peter’s love affair with wildlife began at a young age. As a boy, he spent many days running around the back lots and sound stages where his father, Otto Lang, directed films and TV shows. Otto’s film work had a major impact on young Peter; especially shows featuring wild animals, like Daktari and Sea Hunt.

These shows often co-starred lions and chimpanzees, animals that fascinated Peter. These up close and personal encounters sparked a deep-seated passion in Peter; a passion that would eventually find expression in the hills and savannas of Safari West.

A Focus on Conservation

After four years of operating their conservation breeding facility behind closed doors, Peter and Nancy opened their home to the public on July 4th, 1993. From the very beginning, their mission focused on conservation and education. Peter, Nancy, and all who’ve worked with them over the years are dedicated to inspiring and nurturing conservation advocates of every stripe.

To accomplish this aim, we began by offering guided field trips to local schools; a practice that continues to this day. As the preserve has grown, so too have offerings. These days alongside the school treks, we proudly offer our Classic Safari, various private excursions, behind-the-scenes adventures, and even a chance to be a Keeper for a Day. All of these offerings have at their core, a focus on the wildlife and our role in shaping their future on this planet.

Around the Clock Adventure

With a full array of wildlife excursions on offer, we found that our guests always wanted more! For that reason, in the late nineties, we began construction on the Safari West Tent Camp. With the tranquil Catfish Pond serving as the center, the tent camp sits serenely between the Gazelle Pasture, the Hundred Acres, and the Vista habitats.

Within the camp, our guests now enjoy luxury stays in expansive, custom-built tents overlooking a panoramic view of antelope and giraffes. We import the canvas tents from a legendary manufacturer in Lobatswe, Botswana and then mount them on raised platforms here on site. With hardwood floors, electricity, running hot and cold water, and even en suite bathrooms, these tents are more comfortable than most hotels!


As we look ahead, the future of Safari West looks brighter than ever. We now entertain and educate thousands of guests every year. Like the nearly 1,000 animals that make their homes here, we are constantly growing and developing. Each year we refine our breeding programs and educational outreach. Each year we take advantage of new, more sustainable technologies to make our operations greener. Each year we welcome more and more new, excited, and curious faces.

Join us in our ongoing exploration of the wonders of wildlife. Take part in the efforts to conserve these amazing creatures and their natural habitats. We can’t do it alone and we’re always seeking out new wildlife advocates.

Welcome to Safari West!