Safari Dinner

Serengeti Dinners


At Safari West, every experience is an adventure! Whether you’re exploring our vast herds of African wildlife or tucking into a delicious dinner prepared over our custom-built barbecue pit, a trip to Safari West is an experience to be had. While dinner at the Savanna Cafe has always been delightful, we’re excited to offer two unique and exciting ways to take your safari experience to a new level in luxury!

The first is our Serengeti Private Twilight Safari and Dinner in the Bush. This experience is a fan-favorite and a long-time offering at Safari West. It includes an early evening safari in your very own privately reserved truck. During the safari, one of our experienced guides will explore the property with you, seeking out wildebeest, rhinos, and more! As the day begins to come to a close, you’ll pull up near scenic Watusi Lake to find that your table is ready. Sit down and enjoy a specially crafted meal prepared by chef Rob Kubacak. Sip a glass of wine as you are treated to five-star service and scenic views of wildest wine country. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Our newest dining experience is dinner in the bush with an avian twist. As you may have heard, last year we debuted the gorgeous Treetops Aviary and we recently opened a dining patio with a truly birds-eye view of that magical place. The Serengeti Private Twilight Safari and Dinner at the Treetops Aviary is an experience not to be missed. On this adventure, you’ll enjoy a private twilight safari that concludes with a sunset stroll through the Amani Oasis aviary where birds of every color soar overhead. Then we go up to the Treetops! There, your every need will be tended to by our dedicated service staff as you watch beautiful violet turacos and trumpeter hornbills flit and flutter in the warm, evening light. It’s dinner in paradise.

For details and to reserve either of these truly magical experiences, please contact Safari West Reservations directly at 1-800-616-2695. Book your next adventure today!