Zebra April Fool's

April Fools

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Join Safari West on April Fools’ Day as we put a different spin on our Safari Tours. We just couldn’t resist the opportunity to clown around and have some fun, and we’ve even invited some special Sonoma County celebrities to get in on the silliness! One of these special guests will play your host and join you on a guided safari adventure. They’ll be on hand to assist your safari guide in their work, offering up fascinating and dubious tidbits of info with a wink and smile as you go along.

You may learn that giraffes aren’t tall after all. Or that the sloth is actually faster than the cheetah. It’s April Fool’s so open your mind to some alternative facts! On this unique safari excursion, you’ll encounter creatures of all stripes, spots, and colors. It really doesn’t matter how fast you run, how long your fur, whether you can fly, climb or simply amble along. All creatures, great, small, pawed, clawed, or hoofed, live and play side by side by side here in this one-of-a-kind conservation facility.

To make this special event just a little more special, we’re adding a stop in as well. As you arrive at the Watusi overlook, you, your guide, and your clearly trustworthy host will take a break, enjoy the scenery, sip a few wines, and enjoy some cheese and snacks. Here on the Sonoma Serengeti, we understand that the cherry on top of a safari sundae always involves the popping of a cork.

This special adventure isn’t just good fun, it’s also for a good cause. We’re focused on celebrating diversity in our community just as we celebrate the diversity in our amazing collection. Our celebrity hosts have each selected a local non-profit which will be receiving a portion of the proceeds from these alternative fact based tours.

This April Fool’s Day, enjoy some mischief, enjoy some wine, have an adventure, and support a great cause, all with a reservation to one of our April Fool’s Alternative Fact Adventure’s!