Tea Time

Tea Time with Giraffes

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Safari West’s Mother’s Day Extravaganza sold out early this year but we’re so excited, we wanted to talk about it anyway.

This year’s event includes a new exciting component we’re calling Tea Time with Giraffes. Alongside the experience of wandering our lower grounds among monkeys, cheetahs, and lemurs with the mom’s (or children) in your life, you’ll enjoy a trek aboard our unique Nairobi minibus. These treks venture out into the gazelle pasture where addax and giraffes and crowned cranes play. From there you’ll motor on up the hill to visit the rhino paddock and beyond to the Lands of Watusi.

A trek can be a dusty business so as a refresher, you’ll be able to enjoy some mind-expanding African iced teas and tasty desserts. This mother’s day we want to celebrate our diverse world and bring awareness to the vanishing beauty that is our vulnerable and wonderful giraffe.

As a special bonus, this year will be a real treat for one of our most recent mothers, our giraffe mama, Mara! Mara gave birth to our newest adorable giraffe baby on April 27th and we couldn’t be more excited.

This Mother’s Day, we’re getting a little bit rugged, and a little bit refined, right here at Safari West!