New Digs for our Warthogs

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Welcome to Our Warthog Housewarming!

They don’t get the attention that many of our other residents enjoy, but the warthogs at Safari West have always been some of our favorite creatures.

So, we’re thrilled to announce that our own Pig Newton, his mate Njeri, and their daughter Lucy (always in pig tails of course!) have a new habitat to call home. Located across from Antelope Valley and next to our Savannah, their new grassy patch of land features a boma (an African word for house or shelter), a water-filled wallow perfect for providing a protective mud coat for their skin, plus a warthog all-you-can-eat log pile buffet stuffed with tasty treats. Born omnivores, wild warthogs use their snouts and extra-long teeth to dig out and devour roots, mushrooms, and insects, so Pig Newton, Njeri, and Lucy will be sniffing out squash, zucchini and more, hidden in the log pile by their Safari West caregivers.

We invite you to come to celebrate their new digs. Our warthogs each have their own distinctive personality and enjoy everything from rambunctious play to wallowing in their wallow to just lounging idly. They are a delight to spend time with – come and see for yourself!