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Honoring Earth Day and Otto’s Inaugural Spring at Safari West!

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Spring has finally sprung at Safari West, painting our landscape with vibrant hues and lively energy! As rain showers come and go, and greenery erupts across our hills, we eagerly anticipate the sunny season ahead. This time of renewal is marked not only by the budding of flowers and the chirping of birds but also by the arrival of new life.

Amongst the array of newborns, one special addition stole the spotlight last year: Otto, our beloved rhino born on April 2, 2023. Otto represents the hope and promise of the future, embodying the spirit of resilience and wonder that Earth Day stands for. Named in honor of Safari West founder Peter Lang’s father, Otto’s journey symbolizes the interconnectedness of all life on our planet.

As our animal population flourishes and Otto celebrates his first spring, Safari West becomes a sanctuary of joy and celebration. We should commemorate Earth Day during this time of growth and birth. Earth Day serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance of nature and the responsibility we bear to protect it.

Spring is a season of transformation, where the earth awakens from its slumber and teems with life. From the emergence of new shoots to the return of migrating birds, each moment is a testament to the resilience and beauty of our planet. At Safari West, Earth Day holds special significance as we reflect on our role as stewards of this precious ecosystem.

Join us in honoring Earth Day and celebrating Otto’s inaugural spring at Safari West. Together, let’s pledge to cherish and protect our planet for generations to come. As guests of Safari West, you’re not just visitors; you’re partners in our mission to preserve the wonders of nature.

Otto the rhino

Why Earth Day Matters – Authored by Jared Paddock – Safari West

The Biggest Picture
Five years ago, the Cassini spacecraft, hard at work studying the planet Saturn and its celestial neighbors, turned its camera back toward home. The resulting snapshot can be seen above. Dramatic, isn’t it?

Astronomers and conservationists don’t find ourselves in conversation all that often. Why would we? Our fields of expertise are literally words apart. We conservationists spend our days focused on the plants, animals, and ecosystems of our terrestrial home. Our astronomer friends meanwhile, spend their time looking up and out, focused very much off world. As it turns out however, we have a lot in common (in fact, even within our own staff, you’ll find several Safari West-ers with a deep love of astronomy). On Earth Day in particular, we find our interests intersecting. On this day more than any other, we conservationists step back and our astronomer friends look down. Together, we focus on the most important thing in our combined universe: our own home planet.

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Happy Earth Day!

Earth as seen from Saturn