High Tea by John Burgess

A Safari West Exclusive with Winecountry.com!

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Experience the best with Safari West and WineCountry.com!

We are pleased to announce an exclusive Sonoma County excursion! Living and working in the heart of wine country, we’ve always tried to instill a little Wine Country class into what we do. That’s why we’re so excited to announce a new offering built with our friends at WineCountry.com.

Welcome to High Tea on the Sonoma Serengeti! On this premier excursion, we mix a little British influence into our classic safari experience. On your adventure, you and yours will board a privately reserved safari vehicle and head out on a guided exploration of our property. Along the way, you’ll meet hundreds of exotic animals ranging from the massive southern white rhinoceros to the downright dainty blue duiker. All while your dedicated safari guide regales you with stories of these creatures and their role in the wild.

At the close of this exotic affair, your intrepid guide will escort your party to the charming veranda above Treetops Aviary. There the dedicated team of our Savannah Café presents a traditional high tea. This curated sampling of scones and sandwiches, biscuits and brewed tea offers the ultimate in upscale refinement.

To reserve this exclusive offering, visit our partners at WineCountry.com. With High Tea on the Sonoma Serengeti, you’ll enjoy the perfect blend of refinement and roughing it, all while sipping the perfect blend of tea.

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  1. What a darling idea! I cannot make a plan to have your high tea yet, but I’ll keep it in mind, and share it with friends and relations!

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