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Safari West Fire Updates

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Dear Guests,

Due to the recent wildfires, all overnight lodging will remain closed until March 1, 2018.

At this point, we hope to be able to resume offering Safari Tours by November 20th, 2017.

We have refunded all charges for reservations canceled due to the fire. Some banks may take several weeks to process the refund, so be sure to monitor your account for the refund to be reflected.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time. Please don’t hesitate to email  if you have any questions or concerns.

FIRE UPDATE: Monday 3:15pm

It is with a tremendous sense of relief that I report that the Tubbs fire is now 70% contained. While members of our staff remain evacuated and at risk, I hope we may be close to seeing the end of this disaster.

At the Safari West Wildlife Preserve, our keepers and their animal charges are returning to their old routines while around them our maintenance staff work to rebuild what was damaged. It will be some time before we’re back to where we were, but we have high hopes for the future.

Although conditions remain in flux, at this point our expected reopenings are as follows:

  • Safari tours are expected to resume on November 20th.
  • The Safari West test camp will reopen in March of 2018.
  • *These dates are subject to change. Please visit for our most up to date projections.

I want to thank all of you for following along with us throughout the course of this crisis. Your ongoing support means the world to all of us who work at Safari West and believe in the importance of its conservation mission. We will continue to push forward with our efforts even as we do what we can to help our friends, neighbors, and community. This last week has been a changing point for all of us in the North Bay. We have suffered much together but we will also recover together. Thank you for all that you have done to help us and to help one another. I hope that we’ll soon be able to welcome all of you back to Safari West.

FIRE UPDATE: Friday 9:30am

Good morning all. Thankfully, we have very little to report at this time. While we’re still in the midst of an active fire, things are relatively calm at the Safari West Wildlife Preserve. The animals are safe and accounted for with full bellies and plenty of water to drink.

To that end, we’d like to mention our friends and neighbors at MOLSBERY MARKET. Molsberry Market sits at the bottom of the hill leading to Safari West and for years has been a go-to lunch spot for many of us at Safari West. Joe Molsberry and his team have also been tremendously impacted by this fire and yet even while dealing with their own struggles, they reached out to us. Joe and the Molsberry Market family have coordinated with our keeper staff to make all of their produce available for our animals!

To Joe and the Molsberry team, from all of us at Safari West; thank you so, so much.

This is just one example of the surging wave of kindness and community on display throughout Sonoma, Napa, and surrounding counties. Please continue to look out for and care for each other. Together we’ll get through this.

FIRE UPDATE: Thursday 8:00pm

We continue to be humbled and amazed by the amount of love and support we have received from all of you. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts.

After another full day of hard work, the Safari West Wildlife Preserve remains in good shape. We continue to care for the animals and increase the fire defenses. At this point, active fires continue to burn close to Safari West so we’re not in the clear yet.

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts. While we are cautiously optimistic about the future, we’ve all seen how quickly this fire can change. Best of luck to all of you out there dealing with this disaster. Take care of each other and stay safe.

FIRE UPDATE: Wednesday 5:30pm

Thank you, everyone, for bearing with us as this situation continues to unfold. The area surrounding Safari West remains evacuated and closed off. Please do not attempt to reach Safari West at this time. While we have been able to get some Safari West employees on site, this has only been possible through coordination with CHP and other emergency services and for the purpose of protecting Safari West. Please help us in making sure these roads stay clear for the firefighters.

Conditions at Safari West remain largely unchanged. The animals are safe, secure, and surprisingly relaxed considering the situation. Our crews worked throughout the day to tend to the animals and bolster defenses around the preserve. This fire is far from contained and CalFire anticipates critical conditions to continue throughout the night.

An increasing number of fund-raising sites have appeared in recent hours. While some or even all these sites may well be legitimate, we at Safari West are neither requesting donations nor are we operating any kind of fund-raising activities at this time. We continue to request that donations be directed toward our fire-impacted friends and neighbors throughout the affected area instead.

Thank you all for keeping us in your thoughts. Hopefully, this will be a good night and we’ll see more progress on these fires tomorrow. Take care of each other and stay safe out there.

FIRE UPDATE: Wednesday 1:45pm

We’re receiving many offers to help from those of you with horse trailers and places to house animals. At this particular time, we are well taken care of, but many of our friends and neighbors are not. Please check the news and your social media feeds for calls for aid from others in the area and help them if you can. We’re all in this together.

FIRE UPDATE: Wednesday 12:00pm


We are hearing a rumor that Safari West needs water. Let us assure you that this is not the case. There are several wells supplying Safari West and our animals and staff on site are well supplied. Please do not attempt to approach Safari West at this time. Thank you.

FIRE UPDATE: Wednesday 11:00am

Good morning everybody. While we’re far from through with this ongoing disaster, there have been a few bright spots in the last 24 hours. We now have a good crew working back up at the preserve and are happy to report that the animals are doing amazingly well.

While Safari West is standing, there are repairs to be made and much work to be done. We also want to allow our animals ample time to rest and recover after this stressful week. As a precaution, we are suspending all existing reservations through the end of the month at this time.

Peter and Nancy Lang would like to offer their deepest thanks to all of you who’ve kept track of us and sent us your offers of love and support over the last few days. They ask that rather than raising money on their behalf, you focus your attention on the greater Safari West family and the fire-affected community at large.

Please continue to watch this page and for updates. Thank you all so much for keeping us in your thoughts. Take care of each other and be safe out there.

FIRE UPDATE: Tuesday 8:50pm

Thank you for all the messages of love and support. So many of you have offered to donate money or establish funds in our name and we are stunned and humbled by your generosity. Please, if you do feel compelled to make a donation, direct it to a charity or organization that benefits all the victims of this terrible event. Our Safari West family has suffered but we are not alone and our fellow citizens of Sonoma, Napa, and surrounding counties are all dealing with the same heartache and loss. Thank you again for thinking of us.

Today we were able to get some core staff back on site to tend to animals and deal with some of the damage. We are still working to assess the situation and won’t have a full idea of where things stand for some time. Towards the end of the day, we evacuated most of our personnel back beyond the fire lines. Tonight a skeleton crew including some keepers and a veterinarian will continue to tend to the animals and do what they can to defend the preserve.

At this point, our fences are still intact with all animals contained, accounted for, and safe.

Since the fire continues to grow and remains at 0% containment we do not know what tonight or tomorrow will bring. Please keep us in your thoughts as we work to protect Safari West.

Tuesday, October 10 – 10:30am

Thank you, everybody, for your thoughts and prayers. The status on the ground at Safari West remains much the same as reported last evening. The preserve remains intact and the animals safe and contained. However, fires continue to burn nearby and the situation is far from stabilized. Please continue to help by keeping the roadways as clear as possible and allowing our firefighters to do their work. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and please stay safe out there.

Monday, October 9 – 3:00pm

Several key Safari West personnel have been allowed to return to the preserve. We are assessing the situation as it currently stands and considering how best to move forward.

Monday, October 9 – 11:30am

Some good news! While the situation remains dynamic and very dangerous, we have received word that the Safari West Wildlife Preserve appears to have weathered the worst of this firestorm. The situation is still very much active and could take a turn, but for the moment, it looks like our preserve and our animals are ok.

We appreciate all of you so incredibly much. This morning we have been inundated with messages of support and offers of aid. Thank you so much and for those of you wishing to help, the best thing we can do right now is staying out of the way and let the firefighters work. Please stay safe out there and keep an eye on this page. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Monday, October 9 – 9:30am

Thank you to everybody who has reached out to us in the last several hours. All we can tell you at this point is that Safari West has been evacuated. At this moment, that is all the information we have. All guests on property as well as the staff were evacuated last night and like so many of our friends and neighbors, we now anxiously await reliable new information. As it comes to light, we will continue to update this page and our page on Facebook. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Stay safe everybody.

111 thoughts on “Safari West Fire Updates

  1. Our thoughts and prayers ae with you and the animals. We were booked for 10/9 overnite and tour 10/10 tour. We look forward to rescheduling when all is well and safe.

  2. Prayers to all at Safari West and the safety of all of you and your dear animals. Please stay safe. I pray that all the animals are okay………so worried for all in this monsters way! My son lives in Santa Rosa but has not been evacuated yet, but is ready. It is so scary. My granddaughter turns 3 this year and I look forward to bringing her to Safari West when she turns 4. Take good care!

  3. Praying for safety for the staff and all their charges especially all our beloved giraffes!

  4. We are all thinking of you here in the City. Stayed at Safari West for the first time this year in May. I thank you for the updates and will keep an eye on the page.

  5. Stay safe. So worried about you guys and the animals. If you need a wrangler just call.

  6. My family & friends have the staff and animals at Safari West in our thoughts during this terrible fire. Wishing you all a safe day.

  7. We (Christopher, Diana and Grace) visited Safari West a couple of weeks ago and are very happy to hear that you are all ok.

  8. Thank you for the updates and I truly hope that your staff and all the animals will remain safe and untouched by the fire. I love Safari West – it’s such a special place. Wishing you all the best.

  9. good news, thanks for update
    we have reservations for tomorrow night and safari on Wednesday. sorry to miss you on our first visit.

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for thinking of us. For the time being, we’re asking everyone to direct their donations to an organization working to help all the victims of the recent fires. We at Safari West are struggling, but we’re a large family and look out for each other. Many of our friends and neighbors throughout Sonoma, Napa, and surrounding counties aren’t so lucky. Thank you and be safe out there.

  10. having just been there two weeks ago, my husband and I were very concerned for the animals and the humans at Safari West. Thank you for keeping us updated and we hope for only good news in the next 24 hrs.

  11. When we heard of the fire’s location — Safari West was the first thing we thought of.

    Our family all spent a weekend there in 2011 and it is one of the most enjoyable family trips we’ve ever taken. We pray that all of your wonderful employees and beautiful animals are safe.

  12. I hope for the best for your staff and all the beautiful animals. Our family was just there last weekend. Our grandson loved the whole Safari West experience. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  13. Thank you for the update. Was very concerned about the preserve and the animals.

  14. Glad to see these updates. The first thing I thought about when I saw the news of the fire was for Safari West staff and all the animals.

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for thinking of us. At this time, we’re asking everyone to direct their donations to an organization working to help all the victims of the recent fires. We at Safari West are struggling, but we’re a large family and look out for each other. Many of our friends and neighbors throughout Sonoma, Napa, and surrounding counties aren’t so lucky. Thank you and be safe out there.

  15. Thank you for providing these updates. We were guests there last night during the evacuation along with some friends in another cabin. Despite the seriousness of the situation, your staff remained calm and organized as they evacuated all of us safely. We were one of the few that left our belongings behind to get out quickly but our loss is nothing in light of the lives of the people and animals being impacted in these fires. We continue to pray for all of you and monitor the status of Safari West through your updates. Our hearts go out to you and the animals you clearly love. Praying for your safety, health and recovery.

  16. Please keep us posted…praying for you staff, their family and loved ones and all of the precious animals that our planet so desperately needs to save. ❤️

  17. We had such a wonderful time when we visited in April….the entire staff and all the precious animals are in our prayers for your safety during this awful fire.

  18. Bless you all. I’ve been so worried about you, your staff, and naturally all of your wonderful wild animals. We pray that you all stay safe and that if any of your animals were evacuated, we hope that they survived.

  19. We have been thinking about SW all day. Thank you for keeping us updated! We are praying for the safety of SW.

  20. Mr. Lang,
    Bless you for your love and dedication in keeping the animals safe. Would like to contribute help in any way.

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for thinking of us. At this time, we’re asking everyone to direct their donations to an organization working to help all the victims of the recent fires. We at Safari West are struggling, but we’re a large family and look out for each other. Many of our friends and neighbors throughout Sonoma, Napa, and surrounding counties aren’t so lucky. Thank you and be safe out there.

  21. Hope all personnel and animals stay safe. I stayed at your preserve two years ago and really enjoyed all the sites and sounds. Hope all is well, especially the rhinos and giraffes.

  22. I heard Mr. Lang lost his home and saved Safari West!!! I have visited this wonderful place numerous times and tell everyone I know about what a great place it is!!!

    What can we do to help??? I can volunteer my time, try to get donations, send “Care packages”…???

    1. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts. At this time, we’re asking everybody to direct their donations to an organization working to help all the victims of these terrible fires. While we are struggling to protect our beloved preserve, the Safari West family is big and we have each other to lean on. Not all of our friends and neighbors are so lucky. Once we have a better handle on the situation at the preserve we will update with more details. Thank you!

  23. My heart goes out to all of you, human and animals. I stayed there for a wonderful 3 day Road Scholar program with my granddaughter in July. Saw the interview with Peter yesterday saying he used a garden hose to douse the menacing flames, and that he had lost his home. So sad for everyone, but so hoping the animals are safe.
    Please keep us all informed!
    Thank you.

  24. Thinking of you all and the animals of Safari West, hoping you come through this disaster unharmed.

  25. I am so very happy to hear this. We were praying for you yesterday in our Mustard Seed group at Brentwood Presbyterian Church in LA. I hope all stays well and calm and everything turns back to normal soon. We can’t wait to visit again as a family. It is one of my very favorite places to go!

  26. So glad your staff and the animals are safe. We love this place. The owners son crafted my dining room table after our trip there. We loved the rustic tables in the eating area and when we met the owner he told us to call his son. When we sit around it we’re always reminded of our amazing trip there. Especially when the than young giraffe almost ate my oldest girls hair. I just wanted to get a picture next to him. LOL. We have such fond memories of our trip there.

  27. Thank you for the update. We stayed there several months ago and enjoyed our time there, so we were worried about the safety of the animals and staff. Please stay safe everyone, this situation is so awful!

  28. I was so worried about your animals yesterday. I’m relieved to hear that they are OK. Building can be rebuilt but people and animals…..

    I pray that all will be well. Safari West is a truly special place that I have great love for. Bless you for your efforts.

  29. I am so relieved to hear that the Preserve and the animals are safe. I have been checking the web since I realized the fire was so close. Thank you for the updates. Thoughts and prayers continue for you and the animals.

  30. Bless all of you and your amazing park. My heart has been hurting for everyone! Stay safe!

  31. We here in the South Bay are praying for you and the animals. Thank you for keeping us informed on your website!

  32. Is there contact info for Peter Lang, the employee who stayed all night by himself to protect the animals from the fire, who then learned his own home had been destroyed? I’m hoping a fund to help him might have been started.

    1. Good morning,
      Peter and his wife Nancy are the owners and founders of Safari West. They did indeed lose their house on Monday, but their first home will always be Safari West. At this time we’re asking that all donations be directed to an organization working to help all the victims of these devastating fires. We’re struggling right now, but the Safari West family is large and we take care of each other. Not all of our friends and neighbors are as lucky as we are. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts. Stay safe out there.

  33. I worked at Safari West several years ago and it has remained my favorite work place EVER. I love Nancy and Peter and am hopeful that all the wonderful animals are safe.

  34. Love Safari West! Have been thinking of the animals and staff since first news of the fire. I grew up in Napa Valley and my friends, family and valley still pull at my heartstrings. I’m retired now and live far away but my heart is breaking for the losses. Bless those who are fighting the fires and those who are helping and donating.

  35. All my thoughts and prayers. Our extended family stands ready to help in any way. (Housing small animals, as we have a protected area, help clean up, feed animals etc.) We live in San Anselmo but can transport smaller animals

    1. Thank you for your kind offer. Our dedicated keepers and support staff are doing an amazing job taking care of the animals. We will reach out if any additional help is needed. Thank you.

  36. Bless all humans and animals and know we are on our knees to all and any gods to end this nightmare for you ….

  37. We’re continuously thinking and praying for the safety of the staff and the animals.
    Please take care

  38. a rumor has it that you released animals..I personally do not believe it.
    I will keep you all in prayer.

    1. Hi there,
      I can assure your that no animals were released. As of our most recent information all of our animals remain safe, contained, and accounted for. Thank you for thinking of us. Please keep an eye on this page and we will update as new information comes available.

  39. I received a message from my brother that he had to evacuate in Santa Rosa. I asked why as I don’t have cable tv. He told me about the fires and their proximity to all affected. After hearing that he was safe, my thoughts went to Safari West and all those precious lives in your hands. I am glad to hear everyone is safe, and I continue to pray that all will remain as such. Love the park and the work you do.

  40. Hello Safari west.

    Can’t believe what is going on! We were just there visiting once again 2wks ago.
    Glad all animals are safe.
    I do want to make a donation to safari west family..
    To the people who care for the animals or for the animals care.

    What is the best way to make a donation?

    Thanks! Stay safe.

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for thinking of us. At this time, we’re asking everyone to direct their donations to an organization working to help all the victims of the recent fires. We at Safari West are struggling, but we’re a large family and look out for each other. Many of our friends and neighbors throughout Sonoma, Napa, and surrounding counties aren’t so lucky. Thank you and be safe out there.

  41. You made the right decision in saving and protecting the animals. THANK YOU for that.
    My thoughts are with you as you continue the fight and the loss of your home.
    What a nightmare!

  42. Thank you for keeping us informed. My granddaughter (8) has been quite concerned about all the animals and I about your entire staff. You are a remarkable group of people.

    Because of our Road Scholar trip my granddaughter has earned the privilege of getting a corn snake by showing she could be depended upon to care for the family cat for three months. It was at Safari West that she started her campaign to get one. To day I was privileged to see her feed it for the second time.

    We wish the winds don’t increase and that you all fare well.

  43. My Mother and I very recently just stayed there and fell in love with all of your beautiful property and dedicated staff that gave us a very memorable experience in which we literally can’t wait to visit again soon.

    Naturally concerned, I have been actively trying to get the latest updates on the fire as they occur in your area.

    Thank you for taking the time to post updates on your website for all who adore you and your beautiful property during this extremely difficult and trying time. I will contiinue to pray that all of your staff and animals remain safe and that you are able to keep your entire preserve intact from fire.

    I look so forward to staying there again soon,

    1. I recently heard Mr. Lang lost his house while heroically dousing the flames with a hose trying to save his animals and preserve. My heartfelt sympathies to Mr. Lang and his wife and all of his staff who remained steadfast to save his lifelong passion.

  44. My Husband and I celebrated our first anniversary at your lovely grounds. We fell in love and hope to bring our two young girls soon. When I heard the location of the Fires, my thoughts first jumped to those animals. I hope they and you all are safe. Thankful to all those working the fire and may they be safe. Thank you for the updates.

  45. My heart aches for everyone affected by these terrible fires. Mr. Lang is a hero for staying to save the animals at his own expense, and we are grateful for his sacrifice. We were booked to have a safari and stay overnight on Sunday 10/15, and we look forward to rescheduling in better times. Safari West is in our thoughts and prayers, and bless you all for taking such good care of these magnificent creatures.

  46. Our prayers are with Safari West, area of Sonoma, Napa and Santa Rosa.
    We had a wonderful stay at Safari West this spring and I’m keeping concerned about the animals. I’ve been checking the wildfire and looks now Safari west is covered in the area of Tubbs fire. Please Please stay safe and we will keep praying for all the animals and people! Bless!

  47. My prayers go out to all the staff and animals of the amazing place called Safari West! I am glad the animals all are accounted for and that the preserve has survived this terrible ordeal thus far. Prayers for rebuilding and continued success as a wondrous place of beauty and awe.

    I have been fortunate enough to visit Safari West twice and most recently this past July with my mother celebrating her 80th birthday. I look forward to returning to this place sometime in the future from our home in Boston…

  48. Thank you for saving all the animals Mr.Lang!!! It’s so amazing what you did and inspired all of us. We will definitely be praying for you guys and trying in any way to help the community at large. Will definitely come stay with you all after this is all over. Please stay safe and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help with the animals!

  49. We are scheduled to come in November, and hold hope that this fire will be out quickly and the animals (and people) will be okay. We are thinking of you daily, sending light and love.

  50. We love all the animals, especially the Cheetahs, and the staff and owners for your magnificent “Safari West.” We are on our knees for all of you and for the whole valley.

    1. Hi there! I recognize these names. This wouldn’t be the same Mercedie who so generously donated to cheetah conservation a few years ago would it? You’ll be happy to know that the cheetahs are doing just fine. We’re not through with the emergency yet but we’re doing everything we can. Hopefully you can come back and see them yourselves sometime soon. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and be safe our there.

  51. I continue to monitor the fires and have been concerned for the welfare of staff and animals at Safari West. I am glad to hear that so far all is O.K. and fervently hope things only get better. If I can be of any help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  52. We first stayed at Safari West maybe 15 years ago and absolutely fell in love with the place. We’ve had the great fortune to stay several times since, and always look forward to the next visit. Since the fires broke out we’ve been on pins and needles worrying about Safari West and your wonderful animals. Thank you so very much for keeping the community informed through your updates on the web site. We are heartened by the encouraging news so far, but we know the ordeal isn’t over. I can’t express how much I admire both the owners and staff for their incredible hard work and dedication through such a trying time. Bless you all, we are all pulling for you and the wildlife and hope that the news in the coming days continues to be positive.

  53. Praying for a fleet of angels to surround and peotect you all..including the animals..may God be with you amen.

  54. I am so impressed with your animals surviving the huge fire threat and with Mr Lang’s dedication to protect his animals! I can’t wait to get back and see your amazing animals again. Animals are my passion and I wonder if I could work there someday.

  55. We were on tour four weeks ago today. What A wonderful place you have there. Our guide, Julie, was wonderful and so full of interesting information. Were praying for all involved during this terrible time. Thank you Lang’s for your commitment to Safari West and all the animals. God bless all of you as you recover from this terrible fire.

  56. I have been to Safari West a couple of times and it’s such a wonderful place. My heart sank when I heard the news that it was threatened by wildfire. Kudos to the owner who insisted that his employees leave and he alone stayed behind to care for and save the animals. What courage and fortitude! Safari West lives to see better days!

  57. So happy today to read the latest update. As a returning guest over many years, we have been so concerned about all of the people and animals there at Safari West. When there were no updates on this site, we were very worried about all of you. Thank you for keeping us all informed. We all wish you all the best outcome to this horrific tragedy, and we also hope the brave firefighters catch a break soon on all of the fires!
    Many thanks to the Langs, first for not selling their incredible property, and second for putting their animals before themselves.
    We are all keeping all of you in our thoughts.

  58. Hi,
    My friends and I would like to offer financial support. Is there a way to do that? Glad that the animals are safe and what an amazing owner and staff!

    1. Hi there,
      At this point we’re not doing any fundraising of our own but are directing anyone interested to a Gofundme campaign initiated by friend-of-Safari-West Mate Varga. This campaign is fundraising for the Safari West staff members who lost their homes during the course of this disaster. If you’re interested, this campaign can be found at Thank you so much for keeping us in your thoughts.

  59. Safari West is a very special place for me and my family. We have been several times over the years (even before we had our child)! We have introduced so many families to Safari West over the years, as well as our extended family. Peter, his family, staff and all the animals are in our prayers during this extremely difficult time. Thank you for all you are doing.

  60. Thank you so much for these updates. I have been checking in daily to get the most accurate updates on Safari West. I appreciate you taking the time to update those of us that care about your staff and animals. I hope to return to Safari West and I will appreciate it even more than I did the first time. I will continue to pray for the land, animals, and humans that are suffering during these horrific fires.

  61. Peter and Nancy, so happy to read the animals are still safe, but I’m sorry for the loss of your own home and all its treasures. I know if anyone can recover from such a horrific event, it is you! Having been there 2 years ago, I appreciate all your efforts to create this beautiful place for the exotic and rare animals in such beautiful surroundings. Peter, thank God for you and your helpers to keep them safe! Nancy, thank God for you being there with Peter while losing your own home. I wish you the best in continuing to protect Safari while the fires still rage, and are already planning the re-opening in 2018!

  62. Good morning everyone!
    I would love to offer a helping hand with volunteer work! Is there someone I can contact regarding helping out with the animals, feeding… etc I absolutely love animals and have an extensive resume of animal experience!

    1. Thank you so much for this kind offer. At this point we’ve been able to get our animal staff back in place and I’m happy to report things are returning to some degree of normalcy. We’re not mobilizing volunteers at this time, but if we decide to do so in the near future, we’ll put a call out on our website. I hope you’re doing well and thank you so much for thinking of us.

  63. When we first visited, we knew Safari West was a special place. But after reading all of your updates and the way you are concerned about the other members of the larger Safari West Community, we’ve figured out that its the wonderful people, in addition to the wonderful animals that make it so special. Your community is lucky to have you!

  64. I proposed to my (now) wife during an overnight stay at Safari West. I would like to volunteer our services to help you recover from the impact of the fire. Once things settle down a bit, if you need some assistance we can come out on a Saturday and Sunday and provide some “strong back” help.

    1. Thank you so much for offering to volunteer. At the moment we’ve got things in hand, but should we decide to mobilize a volunteer force, we will put out the call on our website. I can’t tell you how much this outpouring of support means to us. I hope you’re well and thank you for thinking of us.

  65. Peter:

    I’m pleased to hear that the animals are safe. Oh and the humans. Sorry though for the losses you have incurred. Thinking of you as we’ll be driving near Safari West tomorrow…

    Hope to see you in Baja in November or next year.


  66. My daughter and grandchildren took me to Safari West for my 70th birthday. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the glamping, great meals and the safari experience. When we heard about the fires, we were so worried about the staff and the amazing animals. The thought of their perishing broke my heart. We’re so glad they were spared, thanks to the brave and caring staff. I’d love to visit again and see the baby giraffes grow up

  67. Hi there!! I’m so relieved that the sanctuary is doing ok. Such an amazing story about Peter setting out to do the impossible by fighting the fires with garden hoses to save his animals. I know him from waiting on him at Adels. Such a kind, humble man….his heroic acts do not surprise me at all. I nominated his story to be told on the Ellen Show. I think all of her viewers would be touched by his actions. Thank you Peter, for being an amazing man & for saving each and every animal.

  68. Thank you for your heroic efforts to save the animals. Our hearts go out to you and your staff for the loss of homes and personal items. We will see you when you reopen!

  69. The Ray Walters family have all of you at Safari West continually in our thoughts and prayers.
    You have given us much joy over the years and hopefully you and all the amazing staff and animals will continue to bring smiles to all again.

    Thank you for choosing my birthday for your re-opening. It is a Milestone birthday for me and as far as my family are concerned, a Milestone for Safari West.

  70. As one of our favorite places to visit here in Santa Rosa, it was a relief to hear all the animals were spared during our disaster of fires. Our thoughts are with you, if there is anything we can do to help out, we are here. Santa Rosa/Sonoma Strong.

  71. We are so very pleased to hear that Safari West survived the fires through your heroic dedication and love for the animals. Safari West will always have a very special place in our hearts. I wear a huge smile and brag when I say that we got married at Safari West. We’re so very sorry and sad that you lost your home and many of your cherished belongings from your travels. Please know that our thoughts are with you.

    We look forward to celebrating our next anniversary clamping at Safari West. Thank you for sharing your passion with all of us.

  72. Thank you, Jared, for doing such a good job with the continuous updates! Glad the animals and humans of Safari West are all safe!

  73. I am grateful that your park and its wonderful occupants have been spared. I am equally encouraged by all the kindness expressed in the comments. Your posts were very helpful. Thank you!

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