Saving The Sonoma Serengeti

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For twenty-five years, Safari West has been a haven for exotic wildlife in Sonoma County. Over the decade’s thousands of incredible and often endangered animals have thrived and reproduced in this 400-acre conservation breeding facility. The operation of a preserve this complex comes with daily challenges, but none so severe as what we faced in October of 2017. The Tubbs fire proved devastating to all of us in Napa and Sonoma counties and very nearly consumed this amazing place. Special thanks to our friends at Comcast NBCUniversal for this beautiful short reflecting on the value of a place like Safari West and the fight to prevent its destruction.

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  1. So grateful you made it, that night was a nightmare for a lot of us, you focused and amazingly made it through the night. So happy all of the animals made it, I will make another visit next Mon., can’t wait, Thank you

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