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Sample Agreement for Groups


Sample Agreement for Groups

A full contract will be sent to the coordinator upon booking

Payment Policy

  • A detailed invoice will be provided to you by the Safari West Group Business department.
  • A credit card must be on file for all bookings.
  • All payments must be made by the designated group representative(s). Safari West will not accept more than two forms of payment for a booking i.e., two credit cards, a check and a credit card, etc.
  • A contract must be signed and a 50% deposit received at the time of booking.
  • Final Payment is expected before or upon your arrival to perform the services unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Please note that we cannot offer any discounts for weekend visits regardless of group size.

Group Business Cancellation Policy

  • Overnight Guests: The 50% deposit is refundable up to 31 days prior to the scheduled function, minus a $20 processing fee. If a function is canceled after that time, Safari West reserves the right to keep the full deposit amount.
  • Day Guests: The 50% deposit is refundable up to 14 days prior to the scheduled function, minus a $20 processing fee. If a function is canceled after that time, Safari West reserves the right to keep the full deposit amount.

BBQ Lunch & Dinner

Safari West meal service is available to our guests in the Savannah Café.

  • The standard meal service includes water and the full coffee and hot tea service. Wine, beer, and soft drinks may be purchased at our café bar.
  • Please inform us of vegetarian and special dietary meal requests at least one week in advance.
  • Any changes to the regular menu are considered requests. While we try our best to accommodate groups, not all requests can be granted.
  • There is no outside food allowed at Safari West. Outside wine may be brought for mealtimes, and a corkage fee will be charged per bottle opened.


  • Safari West has a strict 9:30 pm quiet hour policy. This includes your private function area(s), the Savannah Café, tents, etc. Tents are not sound-proof and it can be disturbing to other guests on the property to have an elevated level of noise. Safari West is also very diligent about being a good neighbor to the people who live near Safari West.
  • If Safari West has to refund another guest due to your group’s noise level after 9:30 pm, you will be responsible for reimbursing Safari West for the loss of revenue.


Fees will be charged to your bill for breakages, loss, or excess cleaning if needed because of actions taken by your guests. Safari West will not be responsible for the damage or loss of any article(s) left on the premises prior to, during or following any function.

  • Safari West is a nonsmoking facility.  Smoking is permitted in only one designated location, and it is unsafe to do so outside that area.  This area will be pointed out upon check in.  If it is determined that your guests have been smoking outside this specific area, a charge of $300 will be added to your final total.


  • Private: If you have reserved a private safari with multiple trucks you must pay for the trucks that you have reserved, regardless of how many you actually utilized on the day of your function.
  • Classic: We do our best to seat groups together on our classic safari but exclusivity can only be guaranteed if a private safari is booked.
  • Trek: In regards to safety, Safari West may need to split large groups up for Serengeti treks. This means that while half the group is driving, the other half will walk and then the two parties will switch places.
  • Weather Conditions: Please remember that the weather is out of our control but we will do our best to make your time with us as special and enjoyable as we can.  In severe inclement weather where safety is a concern the safari shall be modified or excluded and a financial adjustment will be made for safaris but the rest of the planned function will continue.

Safety Guidelines and Policies

The group leader is responsible for conveying the following rules to all attending guests:

  • Listen to the direction of Safari West staff members. If a staff member asks you to move to another area, cease an action or behavior, or any other direction of that nature, it is usually for the safety and well being of an animal, our guests or our staff.
  • No animals are to be touched or fed.  Some of our animals can become seriously ill from human contact. All of our animals have the natural capabilities to defend themselves when feeling surprised or threatened, and they may harm you without intending to. This rule is to keep both our animal residents safe, as well as our human guests.
  • Safari West is proud to be able to provide an experience that allows our guests to see our animals up close at many habitats. That being said, for your safety, and the safety of your children, stay back a minimum of 3 feet from all habitats. This includes camera equipment and any other personal items.  You may not open or enter any animal habitat at any time.  Do not pass any barrier, fence line, gated habitat or areas marked “staff only”.
  • The animals can be easily startled and could injure themselves while trying to escape danger.  For this reason, please refrain from making loud noises, sudden movements or running around our habitats.
  • Please, for the safety of the animals and your children, keep children under adult supervision at all times. Safari West is not childproof, and there are quite a number of ways that children can make mischief here. Also, please restrain children from damaging plant material in landscaped areas.
  • There are a number of bodies of water located at Safari West, all of which do not have posted life guards. It is strictly the responsibility of the guests to supervise their children at all times.
  • Flashlights must be focused on the ground, never in the eyes of any animal.
  • Excessive drinking/unsafe behavior is not permitted.  Guides/staff may choose to terminate a safari/function if they determine guest/s are endangering themselves, others or animals.  No refund will be given to the person/s demonstrating unsafe behavior.
  • There are no pets allowed on Safari West property, and this does extend to the parking areas. If a pet is brought along for the visit, the owner will be located and asked to find another arrangement for the animal or to leave the property with the animal if that is not possible.

Guest Safety Comes First

At Safari West, the safety and well-being of our guests is our number one priority. All staff members are trained using our Disaster and Risk Management Plan, which includes important policies and procedures regarding guest and employee safety. Furthermore, all of the experiences we provide to guests, including our safaris, have been carefully planned after assessing all safety considerations. This includes in-depth training for our drivers in safe vehicle handling techniques. There is a strong focus in off-road situations requiring four wheel drive vehicles. Extensive training is mandatory for all our animal keepers in accordance with the meticulous criteria set by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. In addition, background checks are performed on all new and rehired employees. Our dedicated core staff has been with Safari West many years. Our safari guides instruct guests on all safety measures before each safari and a fully stocked first aid kit is available at all times. There is a trained mechanic available during safari hours. Many staff members are CPR and First Aid certified. Our culinary staff is all certified through the California Food Handler Training Program provided by Premier Food Safety. We spare no effort to provide the highest quality standards for safety available while striving for the most enjoyable visit possible. Our goal at Safari West is to exceed your expectations and to provide you with a memorable experience.